Welcome to my website. I am a singer and a song writer. If you were lucky to find my website, it is a sign that you should find out more about my music... Enjoy your time with my songs :)

"...I want to hold my thoughts... that are the reflection of my soul... my aim is to conquer your hearts and mind with my music.

Really...and...shortly - I am a communicative , responsible, regardful person who has an aim, a vision and a permanent wish for improvement..." :)

Thank you for your visit.




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samer hatoum
19 Feb 2010, 19:41
I have variety of melodyin my mind to show in the future.will be interested in scoring for voice piano and orchestra,so all the options are opened.My music will be performed with Toronto symphony orhestra.
samer hatoum
19 Feb 2010, 19:38
hello there.nice to meet you through your songs and music.you have a beautiful voice.I'm a music composer,romantic and orchestral and you can listen to my music at www.samerhatoum.com
I like to work with singers like you if you have the interest.I'll participate in the international composers competition in Italy in March,have orchestral music to show.I'm based in Ireland and have high quality of orchestral skill.will be waiting to read from you if you like my music.your voice is seriously amazing and will be very interested in
Rolf o Sussie
28 Nov 2009, 17:32
We are sitting her and litsening on your music whith the farmer.We are still amaist .hope you are alrigt .Here eweryting is okey.God bless you.your sweds friends.
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